The BankNifty

Banknifty is the second most popular index in India Stock Markets, first one obviously is Nifty. Banknifty is a sectoral index comprising most liquid and large capitalised Indian banking stocks.

12 Banking stocks are part of Banknifty index with different weightages. Banks included in this index are – Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Federal Bank, Hdfc Bank, Icici Bank,  Indusind Bank, Kotak Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India, Yes Bank

WHAT do we do in BANKNIFTY ?

We are trading in Banknifty since many years and have seen and survived many volatile moves of it successfully. Now we have developed a trading plan named as The Banknifty Plan , wherein we provide step by step method to trade profitably in Banknifty options.

WHY do you need this Trading Plan ?

It has been seen that markets are largely operated by market makers. So if you are trading with old methods of technical analyses or software theories , theses are very well known by these market makers. Surely they will create situations wherein your stop losses will be hit. Stop loss is also a Loss. The Banknifty Plan is something which is not dependent on any speculation or direction. It is dependent on market logic and as long as markets are there, it will work. So let follow logic than speculation and chances of success are hundred percent.

How can you get this Trading Plan ?

Visit the page The Banknifty Plan on this website to know the details of getting this plan. You can also contact us at 09311654963.

Who should go for this trading plan ?

If you are an existing trader and have some experience in trading options, you should go for this trading plan. If you are totally new to derivatives trading or Nifty / Banknifty trading, we do not encourage you to buy this plan.