BANKNIFTY is one of the most volatile indices and hence require lot of precaution to trade. But high volatility also means higher premiums are available and chances of making better returns are also there.Once it is known that this is a volatile index, we must use this fact to our advantage rather than become victim of it.Based on our experience in trading Banknifty options, we have devised a complete trading plan to trade Banknifty options. This trading plan consist of certain guiding principles which we need to understand and follow. These guidelines are created to take care of volatility of even 5000 points in banknifty in one month. In any case, this trading plan has a time horizon of one month and hence within one month , we need to book our profits, close the positions and then move to next month. In this way, this becomes an iterative process of creating positions and making profits.

Trading Plan

The trading plan is a well tried and tested plan which has been used in real trades by us from more than last one year. We have been trading in Banknifty options since last three years. Initially , we had some success after which huge movement gave us losses also. At that point, we applied best available minds in devising a fool-proof method of trading Banknifty. It definitely required testing, success , failure , re-thinking,  re-testing and re-formation over many different trades. Ultimately we are able to crack the formula which we have tested successfully over last one year, without much changes.

Now we are very sure of the plan and its success. Only thing required is proper execution of plan without any directional view. YES, we are neither bullish or bearish and whatever happens to stock markets, we are looking for our profits without predicting the direction of market.

Banknifty trading plan includes:-

  • the trade selection criterion ,
  • the adjustment process,
  • the closure process.

In addition to this we have general principles of trading banknifty options, which are required to be followed. In the files given by us , we give examples to make things very clear and we also provide data from our previous trades to bring more clarity on the process.


The pdf files for this very rewarding trading plan will be sent to you at an introductory price of Rs 14500 /- only. This includes pdf files and two hour online session for clearing doubts.


Although trades can be done in an investment of one lakh also, but to take complete benefit of the plan, it is advisable to take the plan with a minimum investment of 5 lakhs.